Liberals Dominate The Media: What You Might Not Know


Marcus Aurelius said: “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”

Conservative Americans are living in a fool’s paradise. Every day, Conservatives go about, believing that they have some semblance of power in this country, when the reality is much the opposite. You see, there is a difference between power of ideas and simple power. Conservative ideas–social and economic–have a power in and of themselves, because they are inherently strong. Conservative Americans aren’t nearly as strong as the ideas they espouse. This is because the Left controls the media. The media, be it television, radio, commercials, movies, Hollywood or books, is a powerhouse. A massive percentage of these entertainment outlets are dominated by Liberals. Because we are surrounded by it, we often don’t realize how strong an influence Liberal propaganda has in our lives.
This twisting and stretching of our perspective could not be better represented than on HBO’s The Newsroom. In a recent episode, Occupy Wall Street was featured. In the episode, a leading Occupier was quoted as saying “The mainstream media has been making us look like idiots since this whole thing started.” The scene goes on to mention how the media wasn’t fair to Occupy. What BS.
Let’s break this down. The writers of The Newsroom are using their media platform to propagate something that is patently false. Not surprising, but there’s more to it than that. Because The Newsroom is well thought of, and is a decently popular show, people watching–even Conservatives–will fall victim to its viewpoint. 
We all know that the mainstream media fawned on the Occupy Wall Street movement, saying it was the true Tea Party movement that this country needed. This TV show is using its influence to sell the exact opposite of the truth to its viewers. This is just one example of Liberal media cultural dominance.
The Left uses TV, movies, books, celebrities, and music to tell us one thing, when the opposite is actually true. Unfortunately, many Conservatives fall into this trap. It’s so easy to fall victim to this tactic, because we are being so entertained by what we are watching and reading, we don’t recognize the propaganda being pushed into our brains. 
Perspective is a dangerous creature. It moves ideas around our minds like brain janitor, replacing truth with fiction. It is insidious. So, how so we beat this? How do we fight this beast? Simple: keep a keen eye on what you are watching and reading. It’s ok to be entertained by a show like The Newsroom; it’s ok to follow celebrity news, so long as you are very aware that what is being pushed on you is often the opposite of the truth. The way in which you process what you watch and read is how you prevent the unnatural twisting of your perspective. Because once your perspective is twisted and pulled, it tends to stay that way.
Keep a keen eye, be on the lookout, don’t be an idiot. The fact is that the Left dominates the media, but that doesn’t mean we let them dominate us.  
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