Harry Reid Lied

This is a little video I made about Harry Reid. He lied about Romney, now he’s red faced. Poor Harry.

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4 Responses to Harry Reid Lied

  1. Romney lied about his MA residency when he was running for governor and told the people there to take his word about his tax returns. His state returns turned out to be different from what he claimed in terms of MA and Utah residency, so he flat out lied to MA voters. He had saved a lot of money on his Utah property taxes by claiming residency there and not in MA.
    We haven’t seen the returns Harry Reid was talking about, just a summary of tax rates from 1990-2009 from Mitt himself, not the IRS or some independent source.
    Reid didn’t say Mitt didn’t pay taxes for 10 years, he said he was told that by a source he considered extremely credible.

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