The LA Times is refusing to release a video of Obama speaking at a farewell party for Palestinian radical, Rashid Khalidi. They have apparently sat on the video since 2008, and despite requests to release the video, it remains under lock and key. I have a couple thoughts in regards to this in my mini-column of the mid-week:

1. If the video is innocuous, why not release it and put any controversy to rest before it gets out of hand?

2. The unwillingness of the LA Times to release this video seems suspect to me. Either it is damaging to the POTUS, or they are deliberately stirring the pot in order to cause controversy; which leads me to ask

3. Why would the press attempt to protect a sitting president from potentially damaging coverage? Why would the press deliberately gin up the people to cause a controversy by not releasing this video if it is simply innocuous?

The answer to both questions is simple and has been displayed time and time again. The mainstream press is in the bag for Obama (specifically the LA Times in this case). They want to see him reelected on Nov. 6th, because he shares their worldview. This is why they are sitting on the video. Innocuous or damaging, keeping a lid on this video either protects POTUS from bad coverage, or stirs up controversy, making the Right look foolish for pressing the issue. It benefits POTUS, and the mainstream media (again, the LA Times in this case) is biased to this President.

This is troubling in many ways. The press is supposed to be unbiased, covering stories as they unfold with an even hand. They are supposed to clarify events by presenting evidence that we, the people may otherwise not be privy to. We then sift through this evidence and draw a conclusion using logic and independent targets.

This has obviously been going on for many years, but I thought this was a particularly obvious example; one that even MSNBC’s Chris Matthews couldn’t miss.

When the press favors one side, and deliberately withholds information to protect a President, or creates controversy in order to cause their opponents to appear foolish, we have entered dangerous waters. We’ve waded in these waters for some time now, but I’m afraid that we have lost sight of land.

The mainstream press is no longer independent, even handed or critical; it is biased, malicious and even dangerous. This has been happening right under our noses, and hopefully, with this incident and research into previous incidents, we can finally put a stop to this trend, saving subsequent generations from a corrupt Press.

Take it or leave it.


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  1. Nick Shaw says:

    Hide the birth certificate. What was the reason for that?
    Same difference here, Frank.
    They have something to hide and they can’t fake it up so easily.
    Took your advice from NB. I’ll check back occasionally. You have some good thoughts and we need more like you! 😉

  2. Jim in Palookaville says:

    Frank, you write about that weird goose bump feeling that many Americans now have–that something is just not right. Every tin-pot dictator, or socialist superpower has an “information” arm, and in America, it just may be the press in the tank for progressive ideology. Its that weird feeling when every leading “reporter” doesn’t look and act like Woodward and Bernstein any more. It is time to get past the goose bump feeling and shout from every corner that we will not allow this unholy alliance to bring down our great nation.

    Until the government seeks to pull the plug on alternative communication sources, keep up the volume, to everybody you meet and greet.

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