On a recent episode of Hardball, Chris Matthews said the following: “I hate that he said that. We used to call people that talked that way a ‘Pig’! Not saying he is.”

This obvious and hastily retracted insult was in reference to a comment made by Mitt Romney during his speech at the RNC, in which he said: “President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet. MY promise is to help you and your family.”

Romney’s comment was an attempt to draw a distinction between the grandiose promises of the Obama administration four years ago, and Romney’s more down to earth expectations. Of course, Matthews couldn’t resist calling Romney a pig for it. There are numerous examples of such comments made by democrat pundits and politicians during the run of this campaign.

When I first read that, I thought it might be a joke. Then, after finding out the source: MSNBC, I realized it WAS a joke. Just not the kind I thought. Regardless of which side of the political spectrum you land on, I think we can all agree that this is the most decisive election of this generation. This is the election that paints the sharpest contrast America has ever seen. This is an election of huge ideas and massive change, no matter which side you are on. And all the democrat pundits can seem to focus on is petty insults. But why? Well, they are realizing, if slowly, that they cannot win this election on ideas and policy. It’s just not possible, given what they believe. So they have resorted to character assassination.

Rather than criticize Mitt Romney’s ideas, they are trying to demonize Mitt Romney. They are killing the messenger before he can relay the message. Because they know that if Romney and Ryan get the message out, POTUS will lose. They don’t want you to hear about policy; they don’t want you to hear about records; they want to drown all of that out by screaming as loudly as they can that Mitt Romney is a racist, misogynistic, hateful, intolerant, cold-hearted capitalist. Oh, and also a scary Mormon.

Chris Matthews (sorry to use him again, but it’s like throwing a torch into a dry forrest: there is just so much fire), recently laid into RNC Chair Reince Prebus, saying that Romney’s claim in regards to Obama’s welfare changes is playing the “race card.” Here’s the full quote:

“You can — you play your games and giggle about it, but the fact is your side is playing that card. You start talking about work requirements, you know what game you’re playing and everybody knows what game you’re playing. It’s a race card.”

When pressed further, Matthews said: “Of course it is. Welfare? Food stamps?” Of course, Matthews is ignorant of the fact that most welfare recipients are in fact, white. But again, what can you expect from an MSNBC host?

In another moment of inspiration, Matthews made mention of the fact that Romney and the Republicans have used the word Chicago frequently to describe Obama politics. This is in reference to Chicago’s well known history of organized crime and dirty politics, dating back 80 years. But to Chris Matthews, it is a racial reference.

Keith Olbermann recently tweeted that a comment made by Chuck Norris about “1000 years of darkness” was a racial dog whistle. There seems to be a litany of words that cannot be used, including darkness, Chicago, welfare, food stamp, Obamacare, the, as, are, be, been, being, etc.

They…oh, sorry, is that a dog whistle? I mean, the pundits and politicians are trying to make Romney into a sexist by claiming a “War on Women”, simply because he doesn’t want to force taxpayers to subsidize contraception and abortions. They-the pundits and politicians-are trying to scare voters into thinking that Romney is a predatory capitalist, by skewing his work at Bain Capital so that it appears down right terrible. For an example of that, look no further than a commercial essentially accusing Mitt Romney of letting a woman die from cancer as he callously looked the other way. It turns out that the commercial was almost entirely false (as rated by Politifact).

There are so many more examples of this attempted character assassination, but I won’t go on and on. The root here is that the democrats cannot win on ideas, so they need to steer the car away from Obama’s terrible record by making Mitt Romney look like a sexist, racist, bigoted, cold-hearted, predatory, hateful monster. And remember, he’s also a Mormon! Ahhhhh!

Don’t fall for the distortions and lies. Believe the message and listen to the messenger. Look to the records. Compare Mitt Romney’s business experience with Obama’s. Hint: Obama has none. Compare Mitt Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts with Obama’s presidential record. The difference is clear.

November 6th is coming up quickly. Look past the smoke.


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3 Responses to IF YOU CAN’T BEAT ‘EM, KILL ‘EM!

  1. PERFECT! Totally sharing this on the unaffiliatedParty.org site 🙂

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  3. Thanks! It’s scary how easily people fall for this smoke and mirrors.

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