How Will You Answer?

This is a commercial that describes Obama’s stance on late-term and post-term (Yes, POST-TERM) abortion practices. A must watch if you are considering pulling the lever for Obama on November 6th.

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2 Responses to How Will You Answer?

  1. veritas2 says:

    Hey FranklyPolitics, thank you for commenting on my blog/website (I upgraded so I get to call it a website, right?)

    As a seasoned pro-lifer I can make an educated guess at how pro-aborts (read: liberals) will respond: “Oh, she was aborted! That’s so fake.” Yeah, like the photos of read aborted babies they’ll say, “That’s fake. Those were natural miscarriages.” They won’t listen to or find out the facts. Those aborted baby photos were obtained secretly inside abortion facilities over a period of six years.

  2. veritas2 says:

    Correction to second paragraph: the first quote should read, “Oh, she WASN’T aborted!”

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