Much like the other article I wrote several days ago regarding the Chick Fil-A flap, and the one prior to that about the supposedly “Free & Independent Press”, something has come to my attention recently that has irked me. Being that we are now entering the heart of election season in what is, by my marks, and the marks of many others, considered to be the most pivotal election of my lifetime, many issues are beginning to heat up. Some of these issues are reheated arguments from ages ago and some are fresh twists on an old product. Regardless, one issue in particular has really gained steam in the press and among the political elite within the democratic party heading into this election cycle. That is the issue of wealth disparity. The Left has found the perfect punching bag in Mitt Romney.
  Tired of batting around the issue of his faith, because it seems to be getting them nowhere fast, the Left has found a chord to strike that resonates with a large portion of the American people: money. It is a simple, but effective tactic that has proven to galvanize their base in the past and they hope it will do so this cycle.
  I started noticing this trend recently, when I was no longer hearing the word “Mormon” pervading the news coverage of Mitt Romney, and instead began to hear the name Rafalca. Rafalca is Ann Romney’s Dressage horse. To most Americans, the fact that the Romney’s own a horse is nothing more than an interesting tidbit, along the lines of Obama’s love of golf, or Michelle Obama’s penchant for Vera Wang. But to the liberal elite, this dressage horse represents something much more troubling: success.
  Mitt Romney has had no shortage of success in the business world, specifically and most publicly, his time at Bain Capitol. Make no mistake, Romney comes from a wealthy family, but instead of inheriting his father’s money, he chose to strike out on his own, amassing a fortune built on his own merits. Let’s just throw it out there: the guy is loaded. That being said, Mitt Romney has earned what he has amassed through hard work and intelligent business practices. As far as it is currently known, he has never scammed or hustled for any of his money. He is a self made man. This presents a problem for the Left.
  The far Left, specifically Barack Obama, has coalesced around an economic strategy that not only splits votes, but divides Americans. That principle is a central tenant of Marxism: “The fair and equal distribution if wealth.” Right from the beginning in 2008, Barack Obama has advocated that the rich pay more because they have so much more to give. Remember the infamous incident on the 2008 campaign trail when Obama told Joe The Plummer that America needed to “spread the wealth around.” As recently as this month, a PAC commercial, featuring Obama himself, once again highlights him making the case for the “Wealthy” to pay “a little more”. This philosophy, that those who find themselves in a position of financial success should pay a higher percentage of their earnings than those who represent the middle class, has proven to be quite destructive. It fosters middle and lower class resentment toward the more wealthy and creates a climate that inhibits growth and success in regards to the development of new small businesses.
  We’ve seen this play out before in countries like Russia, Greece and most recently Great Britain. One year ago, when GB was in the heat of the riots, the resentment that had grown over the years among the classes in GB’s socialist (Marxist) democracy boiled over, making the term “Class Warfare” all too real. Two women who were interviewed during the riots in Croydon said that they were “showing the Rich we do what we want.”

While the riots originally stemmed from a case of possible police brutality, the excuse was embedded to riot for other reasons. One year after the riots, 1000 English youth, ages 12 to 18 were surveyed. The commissioners of the survey wanted to uncover the perceived cause of the riots. Of those surveyed, 20.4% said that they believed the riots were incited due to “concerns about the future and jealousy of other people’s money and possessions.” That figure is staggering. Given the unrelated alleged cause if the initial riots, the fact that a fifth of those surveyed would attribute the riots to what essentially amounts to class warfare is incredible. It simply demonstrates the depth at which this divisive philosophy has taken root in GB. The riots in Greece have been even worse.
  All this is to say that the “redistribution of wealth” philosophy is a dangerous one that can lead to problems down the line. However, this philosophy is also a vote-getter. By dividing “Rich” against “Poor”, the Left can exploit resentment and gain votes. By telling the middle and lower classes that they will gain from this redistribution, the Left gains a significant number of votes in those demographics. This tactic also makes it appear as though the Elites are bleeding hearts, trying desperately to help the poor. These are crocodile tears. And once those people are on the dole, they will never look back.
  By making false allegations that Romney doesn’t pay his fair share of taxes, or that he pays none at all; by tossing out the fact that Ann Romney’s dressage horse (which she uses as therapy for her Multiple Sclerosis) costs an estimated $77,000 a year to maintain; and by constantly mentioning the Romney’s general wealth, Barack Obama and the Left are attempting to manipulate the masses. They want you to hate Mitt Romney, not for his policies, not for his religion, but for his wealth. Of course, they also want you to hate his policies and his religion, and they will twist the truth to accomplish those goals as they are wont to do, but their main goal, at least as it appears now is much more subtle. They want Americans to hate Mitt Romney for his success.
  This trend will continue, I have no doubt, because it works. Eventually, however, it will stop working. You can only run down a hill so long before you reach the bottom. And we are closer than ever.


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One Response to CRASS WARFARE

  1. xPraetorius says:

    Liked it a lot. Very strong. Good, clear reasoning, marching the reader step-by-step to your conclusion.

    Your last three paragraphs and the conclusion are particularly strong. I like the metaphor. I think I’ve used it, or something like it, myself. Liking your blog a lot.



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